About Us


        Viridis is one of the leading service provider in Mixed Plastic Waste Management in Sri Lanka for 13 years. It incorporated in 2005 under companies Act 2002, Registered with BOI, Ministry of Industrial Development, Export Development Board and Waste Management Authority.
      During past 12 years, we had recycled over 10,000 metric tons of plastic wastes collected within Sri Lanka, which would otherwise go for land filling, burning or to the ocean, rivers and other water sources.
      We ensure that, the waste collected by Viridis are recycling by us or treated and disposed in accordance with Central Environment Authority (CEA) Rules and guidence. Any waste if not process at Viridis, will sent to certified recyclers or upcyclers only.
      Founder of this business was Mr.Stewart (UK Citizen), he is a businessman having varius business enterprises in few more countries. In 2005 He saw that there was no one to recycle pet bottles in Sri Lanka so those bottles were collecting into the Sea and other dumping sites without no one to threat, then he started Viridis to recycle and export
      Factory & Head Office is located in Panagoda at Templeburg Industrial Zone, 30km away from the Colombo, 5km away from Athurugiriya Highway exit.


Leading solution provider in waste management industry by safe, efficient, inovative and environmental responsible manner while recovering valuable resources and creating clean, renewable energy in greening Sri Lanka.

By using innovative technology, deliver comprehensive, cost effective and sustainable solutions to the environmental problems faced by our clients and society.

Maintaining a competitive edge over our competitors, by continuously improving business processes in the company.

Offers a wide variety of tailor-made products and services to customers as our ultimate goal is to keeping our environment clean and green.

  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Public Education
  • Efficiency
  • Resourcefulness
  • Customer Service
  • Community Partnerships

  • Our Products

    Pet Flakes
    PP,HDPE,LDPE,ABS,HIPS Flakes & Pellets
    PET - Mono fillemants
    PET - Synthatic Fibers

    Why you should buy from us.?

    Viridis is effectively contributed in cleaning Sri Lankan environment and surounded sea form plastic waste since 2006 and already recycled over 10,000 tons of waste plastic collected within Sri Lanka which would otherwise went to sea or dumping or burning..
           When you are buying any recycled products from Viridis, that will help us to more recycle more waste in Sri Lanka.

    What we do..

    Viridis can help you to recycle, treat and dispose of your waste to ensure you meet your own ethical standards as well as governing regulatory requirements.
          We advise you on methods to manage your waste more cost effectively and efficiently. Our comprehensive waste services include the pre-treatment, intermediate storage and reconditioning of dangerous industrial waste products. To reduce waste disposal, we are constantly investigating ways to recycle and reuse materials to avoid contributing to landfill.

    Our Core Business

    Every day of the week our personnel perform the following main tasks in a professional and responsible manner:

    • Collection of residential waste plastics,Polythene,E-wastes everyday.
    • Cleaning waste plastic collection bins in the city and supermarkets
    • Collection of waste plastics from dump sites.
    • Providing waste management solutions for corporate customers.
    • Implementing and maintenance of waste water threatments plants.
    • Consultation on waste management and environmental issues.
    • Importing and distributing of machinaries related to waste management.

    Management Team

    Dumidu Laksiri

    Purchasing Executive

    Chathura Buddhika

    Sales Executive

    Malith Mihiran


    Kumari Jayasundara

    HR Executive


    Board of Directors

    Stewart Phillips


    Nilantha Gamage