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Looking for a solution to your plastic waste or quality recycled plastic meterials for your production ?

People typically used to dump their waste illegally to avoid collection and disposal fees, or because they do not want to spend the time or effort disposing or recycling their waste properly,there really is NO EXCUSE for illegal dumping. It is a crime.!
But you don't need to worry about this, we will handle your wastes in a responsible way while you focus on your business matters.

What We Offer

We offer comprehensive Recycling Services, Industry-Specific Waste Management, Destruction Solutions for businesses and corporations, Viridis works along with you in establishing proper waste recycling practices.

PET Bottle Recycling

VIRIDIS started in 2005 specially to recycle PET bottles for 1st time Sri Lanka, up to now we had recycled and exported over 10,000 tons of pet bottles during pasy 12 years period.

Plastic & Polythene Waste Recycling

We are recycling almost all types of recyclable plastics and used and factory waste polythene at our recycling plant at Templeburg Industrial Zone

Supply of Recycled Meterials

We supply quality recycled PET Flakes to local and international market. Also we have other recycled plastic meterials like PP,HDPE,HIPS,ABS,LDPE in regrinded or pellets

Electronic Waste Management

We are also providing electronic waste management solutions to our clients

Industrial Hazardous Waste Management

We are undertaking of safly disposal or threatment of hazards and chemical wastes in your business to assists you in enhancing your brand image.

Water Treatment Plant and Maintenance

We design and maintenance of water threatment plants and providing solutions for sludges and boiler bottem ashes

Customised Plastic Items

We used our recycled meterials to meet our customers specialised orders of plastic items

Documents & Product Destruction

We introduces safe and secure product destruction and recycling service, guaranteeing finite destruction of a wide variety of goods and products from confidential data to out of date products.

Waste Collection

VIRIDIS provides quality collection, recycling and disposal services to both large and small businesses. We are collecting Commercial Waste, Industrial Waste and Residential waste

Recycled Products

Does your company want to buy recycled plastic?
VIRIDIS offers a great selection of recycled plastic products and materials ready to use as an end product, or manufacture into new products, this helps to reduce cost of materials and saving money to country.

Our Customers

We are offering our services over 400 corporate customers and large, mediam and small scale business organisations.