We help to promote eco-friendly business practices for your enterprise, and consequently promotes eco-friendly businesses. Your business could be featured in press releases, marketing materials, and here on our website. Viridis deal with tons of waste, and we have learned that some people’s trash is another person’s treasure. That’s why we play “matchmaker” to local businesses looking to get rid of or find usable materials. Call us today and learn how we can help you reduce your waste line!

Viridis can help you to recycle, treat and dispose of your waste to ensure you meet your own ethical standards as well as governing regulatory requirements.
      We advise you on methods to manage your waste more cost effectively and efficiently. Our comprehensive waste services include the pre-treatment, intermediate storage and reconditioning of dangerous industrial waste products. To reduce waste disposal, we are constantly investigating ways to recycle and reuse materials to avoid contributing to landfill.

Recycling Services

Our Organization works along with you in establishing proper waste recycling practices. We help you to implement a recycling program within your organization, that assist you in meeting your recycling goals and keep in line with regulatory requirements.

Construction Waste Management

Keep your construction site debris free with Viridis debris collection services. (Limited areas only)

FREE On-site Waste Assessments

Hauling off your business’ waste can cost thousands of dollars a year. By reducing, reusing and recycling your waste, you may be able to cut that bill by more than half. In fact, you might be able to make money off of your trash.
Let the experts at Viridis to help. Schedule a Waste Assessment today.

Hazardous Waste Handling

Toxic products can lurk in many corners of your business; pesticides for landscaping, oil in the motor pool, worn out fluorescent bulbs and chemical cleaners in the maintenance area. When these products are left over, unwanted or unusable, they turn into potentially harmful waste, also known as Hazardous Waste.

Electronic Waste Management

These items contain heavy metals and other toxic components and are not allowed in the garbage.The good news is that all of these materials are collected for recycling in the Viridis. Business equipment such as computers, monitors and screens, photo copiers, fax machines and phones can be dropped off at an SVSWA Facility. Fluorescent bulbs and tubes, batteries, and cell phones are accepted for a fee.

Recycling Bins for Apartment

Do you own or manage an apartment complex ? Do you provide recycling services for your tenants? If not, we are here to help you! Implementing recycling can save money on the monthly garbage bill and increase the esthetics of your facility. We have designed bins for waste collection separatly, once those bins are filled, we will arrange a pickup.

Viridis purchases raw plastic scrap in any form whatsoever, regrinds, redesigns and resells back to companies for the manufacture of new products. This saves energy and keeps a lot of plastics from entering to landfills or sea.